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Holly Miranda: The Magician’s Private Library

March 3, 2010

Brooklyn-based 27-year-old Holly Miranda’s debut album, The Magician’s Private Library, is a mix of the organic and the obscure; the earthy and the atmospheric.  Her raspy croaks are heartfelt and inviting, and she has an uncanny ability to blend her voice into her music.  With the help of producer David Sitek (TV on The Radio, Massive Attack), the album’s instrumentation is vast and immaculate.  The songs bring to mind a mix of artists like Jeff Buckley- for her elaborations and awesome whiney “oooh” and “ahhhs,” Cat Power- for her vocal tone, and Patrick Watson- for when that other-worldliness creeps in.  Definitely a fresh sound for 2010.

Catch her live at Bowery Ballroom on May 26.

Standout track:  “SWEET DREAMS”
from The Magician’s Private Library out on XL Recordings

LINKS:  Artist Website //  MySpace //  iTunes //  Amazon

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